Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Uh, spring's coming?

I've been kind of awol. Ok, it was winter. From a garden perspective, nothing happened. And still, nothing much is happening. But there are signs of life. And my inbox is starting to get filled with garden spam, I'm waiting for a paycheck that might cover more than the bare life essentials so I can go spend money on planters and seeds and seedlings and fun stuff. Meanwhile, I sort of remember a last ditch effort to plant some bulbs before the first frost. I think I cut it pretty close. And I know I meant to log what I planted and then didn't. And sure enough, now some stuff is coming up, other stuff that I'm sure I planted isn't, and it's going to be a big surprise.
For example, in the "tomato planter". I remember planting bulbs. No idea what they are.

Also out front, the dogwood tree has some stuff coming up. Again. Don't remember at all what they were.

And then there's other miscellaneous stuff going on: the hydrangeas have buds forming, the bleeding heart is coming back, there seem to be other miscellaneous bulbs coming up (one can hope), and the flowering quince has Actual Leaves:

Overall, it's really time for an overhaul. If I can manage it, early spring projects include tilling the lawn (remember that? It's still "balding"). I can rent a tiller from Home Depot, then mix in the bucket of compost from the giveback, plant new seed, and then keep my fingers crossed. And I really really really really really want to replace the fence on the back wall. The green and white vinyl slats in the chain link. I hate it so much.