Sunday, February 20, 2011

lest we forget january

This was just one of what seemed like many such mornings.

Time stamp says 7:20 Jan 27.  Shovelled and salted. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Of course, I forgot the most important word

Atch!  Atch!  Atch! 
(That means turn on/off, usually the light, in Sebastian-ese)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sebastian's prolific vocabulary

Sebastian's vocabulary has  been taking a turn towards the truly unintelligible.  Before I forget, I figure I better document his heretofore vocabulary.  Parentheses if what he means doesn't resemble what you will see written phonetically. 
  • Apple.  Which now he's usually using mostly for apples.  Previously it was anything red.  Or round.  If not a ball.  Also often means "up."  And banana.  And oranges.  And christmas ornaments.  And other things we're not quite sure of.  It's kind of an all purpose word.
  • Ap-puh-cah.  Apricot / applesauce / cookie
  • Nana.  Banana.  He usually gets this one right.
  • Book 
  • Shoe
  • Moon
  • Car
  • Cow
  • water
  • Wow
  • Fishies
  • baba (bottle)
  • "Woof." Dog.
  • "Enzo". Dog. See woof.
  • Choo Choo.  (Train)
  • Up.  Which also means down, as in "put me down".  Or, "get me out of this stroller." 
  • Dow.  (down)  This is new.
  • Tree.  Also used to refer to anything with christmas lights on it. 
  • Turtle.   Often refers to the vibrating "twinkle twinkle little star" plush turtle from Aunt Fran.  Also used to refer to anything fun.  And occasionally airplanes. 
  • "Uncle." See, Turtle
  • Duck-duck.  Also means "trucks."  It makes sense, kind of. 
  • Guck.  Trucks.  Usually said with voice inflecting excitedly upwards.  Yup.  He's a boy
  • Gockle.  Bicycle.  Not to be confused with...
  • Gockle.  Pickle. 
  • "Et-muh".  Aka "airplanes."  Which are also "A-lmo". 
  • "Eh-mo"  Elmo.  No.  No no no!
  • "Ball."  Usually refers to balls.  Also said when pointing to the floor after he's dropped food.  We haven't figured that one out.
  • "Out-side".  Outside.
  • "Nova."  Anyone in a wheelchair.
  • "Wiza."  Any woman with red hair (!!!). 
  • "Wee-a"  Maria. 
  • "Buh buh" Bye bye.  Usually said five minutes after prompted.  Trained seal, not our son. 
  • Flower.  Gets this right, although disturbingly, it also seems to be the word for snow.
  • Ear (also used for noses, mouths, and until recently eyes).
  • Eye.  Usually accompanied by attempt to pluck one out.
  • (smack smack smack).  That means yogurt.  
  •  Cheeeee.  Cheese
  •  techo (ceiling, in spanish.  He learned this from daycare).
  •  Mo.  (more)
  • Dado (give it to me)
  • Bear (stuffed, typically)
  • Tweet-tweet-tweet (birdies)
  • peas (please)
  • mama (make this work/turn it on/help me out here)
  • Meow (cat)
  • Atchoo.  (Sometimes it means thank you, other times, it is to point out you just sneezed).

well, it's spring in the laundry room anyway

I brought the fig in for the winter.  Kept meaning to put it somewhere darker and colder.  And I guess there were bulbs in the pot.  I don't remember planting them.  ???

Now what?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy birthday Auntie Liza!

You definitely need sound for this one!