Sunday, January 23, 2011

xmas: playing tourist in San Fran

We went to see the Golden Gate bridge.
And found a fisherman!

Just like Seb's favorite "Goodnight California" book!

Steve tried to explain the significance

Seb likes to push his own stroller, thank you very much.

Cable car!


Busy day. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

xmas morning: it's a little blurry before coffee

Christmas morning

yay tree!

I got mommy's glasses!  Now everything's soft focus!

xmas: cousins!

With Holly and Aspent under the tree


Aspen and Molly

Seb and Kingston

Playing with Kingston's car

With Hassan and Kingston
There are a lot of cousins in California.  But WAITASECOND:  Where's Matteo?

And here's a couple more gratuitous Auntie shots:
"Aunt" Rhonda

with Auntie Liza

xmas: itself

Swedish Christmas Eve:  the spread!

Under the Sea Salad! 

Sebastian's first lutefisk

He seems not so sure...

Nova got duct tape in her stocking!

Grandpa reads Seb his favorite book

Sisters!  Cousins!

xmas: favorite pictures with Auntie Liza

xmas: favorite picture with Auntie Maria

Sunday, January 2, 2011


There were 538 pictures to download when we got home!  It might take a while to sift through...