Wednesday, November 30, 2011

watching daddy work

It's the tippy toes that get me. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Seb was thankful for (in this order):  applesauce, Charlotte, backhoes, the moon, Grandma. 

It was fun.  The boys are old enough now for a kids table, and we were joined by Seb's buddy Nate and his parents. 
Cyrus wrote Seb and Nate letters the following day. 

Somehow, I'm glad Sebastian was not singled out for opprobrium. 

Seb enjoyed not only Thanksgiving, but leftovers in the backyard.  We're having unseasonably warm weather. 

And of course, Thanksgiving would not be complete without the turkey trot.  The women ran -- me, Aunt Betsy, Sue -- with Seb in the jogging stroller for the first mile (until the playground, where we passed him off).  Then I spent the rest of the race passing people.  My last mile was more than two and a half minutes faster than my first -- now, that's a confidence booster.   


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween -- with a happy ending

 So as previously reported, Seb refused to wear the monster vacuum cleaner.
Sunday we tried again, the backup costumes. 
No monster. 
No hamburger.
Yup, those are real tears.  So we gave it a break.
We thought daycare might have better luck, so we sent him in with the hamburger costume.  He wanted nothing to do with it.  Wanted nothing to do with any of it.  Except for the raisins that were mixed in with the trick or treat candy.  He liked pretending they were blocks and stacking them up. 

He did start to become fixated on the vacuum cleaner, but "Mommy wear it.  Mommy wear it."  So that's what I was for halloween.  A monster vacuum cleaner.

Halloween day.  Last chance.  We put him in his plaid shirt, handed him a leftover hat from his birthday party, and I distracted him with stickers while Steve surreptitiously got his play tool belt on him.  He's a contracter! 

Still, he didn't want to wear his black jacket, and cried all the way up the block to Charlotte.  Only then did the tears stop.
So off we went to a party and then a trick or treat bonanza.   And then the lightbulb clicked on.  Trick or treating is fun!  And it wasn't even about the candy, it was about yelling "Trick or Treat" as loud as possible.
So we came home with a happy, wired, toddler.  The end.