Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Evidence of things growing

It's not spring. It's horrible out -- gloomy, 40s, damp, windy. But there are things starting to green and that gives me hope.

The flowering quince for example. This is always one of the very first things to bloom. And it was the very first plant I got for the garden.

And the honeysuckle. I got this at the same time as the quince so it makes sense that it's an early one.

And this guy, which I thought was a late season annual, but now there are green shoots. ??? I like this one's daisy-like flowers, so that would be a welcome return.

And bulbs coming up from the ground. Lots of different ones popping up, and I did plant a bunch of stuff here.

And bulbs coming up in the planters out front. Are these tulips? Seriously? A bit early for that. Makes me nervous.

And, of course, also growing is my belly. This was my attempt to take a picture of it myself. I think I may need to recruit help if I'm really going to do belly shots. 14 1/2 weeks.