Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a bit of an autumn revival

As Enzo shows you, things have greened up quite a bit (and my intention was to get him with the hibiscus, still going strong). Ok, most of the greenery is because the grass is REALLY long, and the pictures are missing the bald spots. But somehow, the garden has a second wind. Sure, there's a lot of dead stuff, but there's a bunch that's just coming into its own right now too.

I planted these guys a month ago, don't even remember what they are, an annual I picked up at Shannon to perk up the peony bed. They had buds at the time, but took a month to open.
And then of course the Anenomes, which are still going full force, dotted with those red little guys, still going strong.
On a different note, for a couple months, this big tall guy has been growing in one of the pots. I wasn't worried about him as he was so contained, but wondered what he'd turn into.
The first shot is from early September, but now he's bloomed! Looks like some kind of aster maybe? I see it everywhere (in the weedy sense), but maybe we should say "wildflower." I say welcome.

And I'll finish with a totally gratuitous picture of Cyrus. He'd had a rough night with a head cold.