Saturday, December 11, 2010

there's a TREE in our house!

This was first thing this morning.  I'm imagining what Seb would be saying if he could... "You GUYS.  Check it out!" 
There's a lot of pointing going on.

Guess which ornament is his favorite?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Some random November loose ends

It was a long month.  I look back and think, did all that happen in just November?  And it did. 

We were in Cambridge and all the Reinerty cousins were together, which was the wonderful part.  Of course, trying to get them all in a picture at the same time was like loading frogs into a wheelbarrow. 

Cyrus and Sebastian did lots of cute things together.

They took a bath.

Sebastian was a bad influence, reminding Cyrus, for example, how fun it is to bang on the table at breakfast.

They gambolled in the great fields of Grandma's futon.

And then, back from Cambridge there was a visit from Grandpa BJ.

Speaking of grandpas, it is pretty funny how while the ball popper toy is by far the favorite toy downstairs, the ball banging maze thingy is now by far one of the favorite toys upstairs.  West coast grandpa's birthday gift downstairs, Toronto grandpa's upstairs. 

Friday, December 3, 2010


Steve was sure that everyone would be very interested to peek into Seb's lunchbox.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

thanksgiving kinda

I don't think this pic is from Thanksgiving, and I'm not exactly whose stroller Seb is in, nor whose hat he's wearing, or what toy he's playing with.  But it's a really nice shot of the cousins. 

Regarding Thanksgiving, I was holding out, in hopes that the PPTC's pics from the Turkey Trot might, just MIGHT have at least one picture of our crowd, but I couldn't find any of us.  And Seb and I would certainly have stood out with the jogging stroller, to say nothing of Sue and Steve with furry old Enzo.  It's possible that I missed Betsy in one of the pics, can't remember what she was wearing.  But to the best of my perusing ability, we remain undocumented in the Turkey Trot pics yet again this year. 

Therefore, you'll have to trust my event recap of the annual Extended Reinert Family Classic -- Betsy took this year's title and, in a major shakeup, Steve was the last of the family's official registrants over the line.  Alex and Cyrus were out spectating, and Cyrus joined in to pace Enzo for a few hundred yards -- much needed.  Enzo made the official concession to Sue -- Steve claims he was just a chaperone.  All starters finished, although Enzo was kinda hurting later.  Probably  his last Turkey Trot.  Don't feel too sorry for him:  he had enough energy to gobble up all the turkey leftovers in the few minutes that they were alone together in the car.  [EDIT:  ambiguous wording changed to make clear that Steve was not, in fact,  DFL (dead fucking last);  he was just the last of our family.  He'd have needed more than 20 minutes more on the course for that dubious honor.  Although now Steve has an ambitious goal for next year, and Enzo said he'd help train for it].

Back to things that matter, we forgot to bring the camera to Thanksgiving dinner, so thanks Lauren for sending these nice pics. 

Uncle Steve! 

Seb:  "I am really tired, but want to go play with my cousin and all his toys, lemme out of this high chair." 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I did it!

Not my best marathon, but not my worst, and my first as a mom. 

Mommy the Marathoner!

Spectator, hard at work

My mommy is kicking your ass

Can't bend down to get in the frame

Somebody loves his marathoner!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

bedtime story

OK Grandpa BJ, now read me the one about the apple that fell on the ground!

Friday, November 5, 2010


He's a rainy day cutie. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Live action chicken!

Seriously cute live chicken.  Seb loved his costume!

There's another video here, if you are really jonesing for more chicken action...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

why did the chicken cross the road

To trick or treat, of course! (And if you think this is cute, just wait for the video)
With Max, (Wild Things), ready for some wild rumpus!
Chicken on the move!

Chicken down!
Chicken with eggs!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

my mom is such a dork

But I really do like riding a bicycle. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

our pumpkin in the pumpkin patch

 I had this fantasy:  a pumpkin patch, a beautiful fall day, my little pumpkin.  So I hunted, and found a real live pumpkin patch, in Staten Island, believe it or not. 

So we crossed the Verrazano and found the place.  Took a shuttle bus to the farm.

Maybe it was a bit of a sham.  There's something very suspicious when pumpkins aren't attached to vines.

Still.  Beautiful fall day, cutest pumpkin in the patch.  It's all about plausible deniability.  Right?

Friday, October 15, 2010

one morning, two horrifying pictures

There will be a time when Seb says "seriously, do I have to have you guys as my parents?" 

We are really not helping ourselves out here much.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm not making this up, I swear

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but it's cute, so why not.

Sebastian's first word:  Thank you. 


OK, kind of.  He says a lot of things, and most of the time we can't figure it out.  Mama, ok, that's pretty obvious.  Dada, but he also uses "dada" for anything fun, or that he wants.  He's mastered "uh oh" when something falls on the floor (or when he throws it there).  And then there's "Euh".  We don't know what that means.  Sometimes it's Daddy.  Sometimes maybe Enzo.  We're not sure.  He definitely means something when he says it, and I guess we'll find out eventually.

And then there's what we've been thinking was "atchoo".  Is he mimicking us sneezing (there have been a few colds passed around lately)? 

No.  It's "thank you".  How do I know?  Well, lately he's been handing us stuff.   Mostly he wants it right back, but generally I always say "thank you" when he hands me his gear toy, or bottle, or pacifier, or pea off his highchair tray, whatever.  And today when he handed me the CD case I said "thank you" and he promptly said "atchoo."  Steve didn't believe me, but then he did it again when Steve came home.  The syllables and intonation match right up. 

Grammie is going to be SO PROUD!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


First really chilly fall day.  Perfect for...
Jeans!  Just like a big boy!  And, look how he's balancing there, all on his own.  Getting ready to call Grammie.
Striking a pose, the little ham

Friday, September 24, 2010

big boy stats at one year

He's still a big boy, cruising consistently above the size curve. 

Height:  33.1 inches (above 97th percentile).
Weight:  27 pounds 11 ounces (90th percentile)
Head:  47.6 cm (80 percentile).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy birthday, part II: seb's buddies

All the babies!  Special attention to Dylan, sitting up on her own!

Ella and the fish balloon.

Cyrus and the ball popper

Jasper the cake eater

Birthday boy with his wheel bib.  Yes.  It's a wheel.


Nate and Charles, stair climbers.

Flying birthday boy!