Tuesday, June 30, 2009


But first. Look what I found coming up between the hydrangea and the echinacea. Hidden down there. Did I plant calla bulbs there too? I don't remember. Pot callas are blooming nicely.

And, the poppies. Poking through the fence. Finally. It worked! Flowers from seed!

Monday, June 15, 2009

about to happen

Before I left town for the week, I took some pictures of stuff that was certain to happen once I was gone and the sun came out. Like the hydrangeas.

And the poppies, finally, in the front (these were from seed! Success from seed, at last!)

As for things in pots, the calla lillies are starting to actually look like calla lillies, and hopefully won't get drowned by the cosmos I co-planted just in case the callas decided not to work.
Speaking of bulbs, I'm pretty sure this guy is one of the bulbs that Lisa donated to the cause, and survived. He's really tall!
Finally I've figured out what's come up in the green planter -- last year's sweetpeas, and now they're blooming with the verbena.
And another perennial I had forgotten about that came up -- is this the "blood flower" (Asclepias...)?

Friday, June 12, 2009

our little man

The marvels of modern science. At yesterday's ultrasound, they switched over to 3-D view and we got a peek at the little guy's face. Check him out! Totally got the Bjorken chin.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

window situation

I'm glad nobody actually reads this blog, because that means I can post pictures here that I'm having other people look at. Lol.

The house, in overview. The ground floor bay windows are the top priority. This is a close up of the ground floor bay windows -- stoop side. This is the interior view, where Steve already started demo-ing the sills/mouldings. Here is the view from the back. Replacing all on the top floor, and two on the parlor floor. On the parlor floor, we didn't finish the window walls, knowing that those windows were going to have to eventually be replaced. Here's what one of the rear windows looks like from the interior.

And here is the parlor floor bay window from the inside. We didn't demo the sills/casings around this one, so measurements were taken on the interior wood.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

strawberry rhubarb pie

Start time: 9:30pm. Finish time: 11:34pm (crust was the thanks to Pillsbury). But hey. What a pregnant woman wants, a pregnant woman bakes.