Friday, August 19, 2011

Maine part 4: general scenery

We didn't do much. That was kind of the point.

Maine: Buck's Harbor

Imagining Sal and Jane, waving goodbye to Mr. Condon, getting back in their boat with their ice cream cones...

maine part 3: enzo

He's an old man.
An old man who ate a crab.
Dug it up from the beach himself.
Then got sick, natch.

maine part two: cousin love

Seb loves his cousin.  Idolizes.
Everything Cyrus does, Seb wants to do too.

maine. part one

I'm overdue like a library book. 

 Maine.   Coming now.   
oh my goodness those curls

Monday, August 1, 2011

The tomatoes are ripe

How did I totally skip July?

Maine pictures coming. Meanwhile, we got home and the tomatoes were ripe. And apparently irresistable to a certain somebody.

Who tested them out to make sure they'd be delicious.

And then decided to do what toddlers do with red, round objects that fit into chubby hands. 

Not to ruin the ending, but Steve's comment:  "did you see that jump shot, baby?" ...