Sunday, February 28, 2010

fun with Auntie Liza

Sebastian hasn't had nearly as much fun since Auntie Liza went back to California. 
I think they kind of like each other.

Maybe just a little?

and he rolled over!

It's been coming for a couple weeks.  

He was trying so hard.  Every waking moment.
Just didn't get the momentum going to get all the way over. 
Then, all of a sudden on Friday, over he went.
Help!  Enzo! I'm stuck!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hopefully this nightmare will be over soon and we can resume normally scheduled broadcasting, complete with pictures from Cyrus' birthday, and the very wonderful visit from Auntie Liza.  But for the past week, we have been completely occupied with the likes of this:

It takes a really long time to wash everything you own, and seal it in plastic bags.  And it takes up a lot of space, too.  Not to mention, once you think the whole ordeal is over, you come home and then the bathtub looks like this, and it's impossible to find anything.

That's a lot of laundry.  And still, I found myself ironing sheets, blankets and even the pillows tonight out of fear that the laundry may not have been enough.  Note:  I'm not actually in bed yet, am I...  

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


At 7:30pm
 At 10:30pm

Monday, February 8, 2010

practicing to be a real NYC mom

Ever since I've been swimming at the Y, even before Steve and I were married, I've been obsessed with water babies -- the splashy "swim" class for infants.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that at times I have even said that the main reason I wanted a baby was so I could take him/her to water babies. 

Seb is getting to be old enough.  In fact, he'll be old enough when the next session starts.  And although the class that launched the obsession takes place at the McBurney Y on 14th street, they also have a baby swim class at my "home" Y in Park Slope. 

However.  I was warned that the class fills.  In fact, I was warned that the only way to really get your kid in is to sign them up as a "member" and so they can register a week earlier than the masses.  And then I was further warned that since the aquatics (and other) classes are so popular, on registration day they give out numbers at 7am, two hours earlier than registration actually begins.  Just like a rock concert.  Welcome to Brooklyn parenthood.

I got there about 6:45, terrified that I'd find a line around the block.  Thankfully, there was no such line.  Although by 7am there was an impressive crowd streaming through the doors to collect numbers.  And I was told that indeed on non-member signup day, the line starts forming at 5am.  But I was # 2.

Water babies, here we come! 

And Seb has his very first photo ID.

Friday, February 5, 2010

watch out Enzo

Somebody has his eyes on you!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

playdate with nate at the aquarium

We went to the aquarium.  Seb's friend Nate has one at home and loves the fish and so we figured an outing was in order.   It was really cool.  See the "alien stingers" (aka jellyfish).

Of course it was the coldest day of the year.  But warm and toasty inside! 
Nate hammed it up for the camera.  This face is trouble.  He's going to get Seb in all kinds of mischief when they get older.  I can tell.
Seb was transfixed by the fish.  Both boys, actually.  Who could help it?  It's like TV.  But nature, so ok.  Not sure exactly how that works, but it does.