Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthday party

Backhoe cake!  I was pretty pleased with myself, I have to say.
We were going to have the party outside, but just as we got all the decorations up, the skies turned really dark.  We moved it inside, just in case.  And of course then it didn't rain.
Joe and Grandma stapled all the pennants. 

Seb wondering when everyone's going to get here.  And if he can have some goldfish now please
Kitchen!  Thanks Cyrus, Aunt Betsy, and Uncle Al! 

And a motorcycle from Dylan and Nikki and John.

It was cozy!

No silly hat, no no silly hat!

Ella blew out the candles for Seb.

The cake was a hit.

Ya think?

At least Dylan wanted to wear her backhoe hat.  She knows from stylish.

Friday, September 16, 2011

He started off his twos by asking "Why" for the very first time.  Oh boy!

Looking a little like Grandpa in his extra wide new balance shoes, khakis, and by request of the birthday boy, "car shirt". 

My boys.  Stooping it.