Saturday, October 29, 2011

we've still got two counting days to go...

"No costume, no costume, no costume".

And no, it wasn't just because it was a vacuum cleaner.  He didn't want to wear any of the backups (the monster, the hamburger, not even his sweatshirt in fear that it might be a costume). 

So I wore the vacuum cleaner monster to the neighborhood party.  And by the end of the party he'd even hold my hand while I wore it. Which is better than last night, when he was afraid of it when it was just on the other side of the living room.

We still have two days for him to decide he wants to wear a costume.  Or not.  I'm ok with it. 

That's my boy.  Scared of the vacuum cleaner.  And yet, these guys crack him up, no matter how scary they were trying to be.

(Charlotte was Foofa, from yo gabba gabba. Seb cared not a bit that he was one of the only kids not in costume.  Here the two of them are, transfixed by the Day of the Dead dancers).

Saturday, October 22, 2011