Thursday, December 31, 2009

the holiday summary

Here it is, the long awaited accounting of Sebastian's first Christmas.

Here he is, about to board Continental for his first ever flight. He was a trooper. It was a packed plane -- they were taking volunteers. We were middle and aisle seat, and the poor woman who saw us coming looked at us in terror. But it was not to be. No crying. No sleeping either, but Sebastian was not the screaming baby on the flight. However, we'd been up until 2am packing the night before - to get up at 4:30 to get to the airport nice and early. First order of business upon arrival in Woodside? Nap. For some, anyway. Sebastian was more interested in checking everything out.
Despite intentions for that nap to only last a couple hours before going out and getting something to eat, we all slept through the night. Xmas eve morning: mommy is not a morning person.
Christmas Eve was at Uncle Peter and Alex's house; traditional swedish fare (plus a caeser salad, why not), complete with glogg. And of course, Lutefisk. Don't worry kiddo, you have a few more years before you'll be forced to try it. Steve: it's not that bad, really.
We are not exactly sure where the "frog obsession" comes from, but Alex and Peter gave Sebastian a froggy friend, as big as he is! Here it is: froggy friend meets Mr. froggy-jammies. And the look on Sebastian's face portends what is to come: a bit of under-the-weatherness.
Christmas morning: Santa came and left stockings! Auntie Liza helps Sebastian unpack his. A rubber ducky! Hat and mittens! Aquaphor! A toothbrush for the teeth-to-be! Oh my!
And then it was time for a traditional Christmas bath. Is that traditional? Heck, why not. Bathtime was in the very sink where Johanna had her baths as a baby -- and it's the perfect size too. Then the opening of major presents. The little boy was spoiled by aunties and grannies and Santa too. Lots of new outfits for Mr. I-may-be-3 1/2-months-but-I-wear-clothes-for-a-6-to-9-month-old. And lots of toys too.
We went down to Liza's for more present opening. And then realized that we had a Very Grammie Moment -- all Johanna's mom's descendents (kids, grandkids) were in the same room. Time for a picture! Or about fifteen. Like loading toads in a wheelbarrow, organizing this. This one came out the best:
It was all very exhausting. Naptime for Grandpa BJ and Nova.
Later on Christmas poor Sebastian really wasn't feeling well -- a fever that peaked at 100.6. He slept through Christmas dinner and throught the night. Saturday was an easy calm day. And then Sunday: brunch at Auntie Liza's to meet all the new West Coast friends who wanted to meet him:
Daddy Michael (and Josette)
Rosemaryand Marielleand Maria
and Kelly - who got some practice making babies smile.
It was a big day, and Seb got all tuckered out and slept on Auntie Liza's bed.
Monday we made the epic trip down to LA for a visit with Grammie.
They got along just great.
Grammie's christmas tree was much fun, and for some reason I kept partially cutting Liza out of the picture. This one cracks me up.
We went for lunch in Pasadena. Grammie and Sebastian told each other secrets. He's Grammie's boy, that's for sure.
Tuesday we made the big trip home. Again, a trooper on the plane. This time our aisle-mate was even more scared -- coughing and sneezing mom, plus coughing baby -- it's enough to inspire terror in any traveller. But Sebastian was great, and didn't even cry when he lost interest in eating on the descent. Just giggled as we tried to get him to at least suck on a pacifier, bouncing as the plane was buffeted around in 40 mile wind gusts.
And although it was a great trip, he was glad to be home.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

who loves Sebastian, west coast edition

Auntie Liza does!

Auntie Maria does!

Grammie does!

Grandpa BJ does!

Uncle Peter does!

And his cousins.



Monday, December 28, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For we like sheep

Remember the "he's late" sheep? They're a mobile now, and S. loves them.

Seasonally appropriate, too (she says, humming a few bars from the Messiah).
Here's the view as Sebastian sees them.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First photo shoot with new camera

New camera, and of course we have the perfect test subject.
Now, this is a cute boy in his bouncy seat.

Concentrating hard on his "ugly" toy.

He's a coy, flirty boy.

Friday, December 4, 2009

we have been experiencing technical difficulties

This is how pictures have been coming out for the past month or so. I mean, it's kind of cool, but it does not look like Sebastian hanging out in his bouncy seat. Not even on crazy drugs.
Good news: we have taken steps to remedy this situation. The baby's first year, it must be documented in full!