Monday, December 6, 2010

Some random November loose ends

It was a long month.  I look back and think, did all that happen in just November?  And it did. 

We were in Cambridge and all the Reinerty cousins were together, which was the wonderful part.  Of course, trying to get them all in a picture at the same time was like loading frogs into a wheelbarrow. 

Cyrus and Sebastian did lots of cute things together.

They took a bath.

Sebastian was a bad influence, reminding Cyrus, for example, how fun it is to bang on the table at breakfast.

They gambolled in the great fields of Grandma's futon.

And then, back from Cambridge there was a visit from Grandpa BJ.

Speaking of grandpas, it is pretty funny how while the ball popper toy is by far the favorite toy downstairs, the ball banging maze thingy is now by far one of the favorite toys upstairs.  West coast grandpa's birthday gift downstairs, Toronto grandpa's upstairs. 

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Sue said...

These photos are so wonderful. I miss you all.