Thursday, September 13, 2012

cupcake one: Thomas the Tank Engine

The advantage of Sebastian being in two different preschools is that I get to make two different batches of cupcakes.  Normally I'm averse to the Disney/Pixar/commercial consumption characters.  But Seb loves them, and it's his darn birthday.  So. 
I'm making the kid happy.   Here are the cupcakes he'll take to sunset park children's school:   Thomas!  
I know, I know, it looks impressive.  But it really wasn't that hard.  I started with Oreos (well, the Paul Newman's kind).  Piped thomas faces on with (shhh:  store bought) icing.  I got candy "eyes" from the cake supply place, (they also have them at Party City).  That made life much easier too.  Also that I did this part several days ahead, to avoid last minute stress.

Obligatory cupcake batter shot.  Seb requested "chocolate/vanilla twist". Your wish is my command, young despot.  I marbled.  Here's the vanilla.

Then blue frosting, put the cookie on top. 

Then add licorice cut in half for smokestack, red licorice as the bumper thingy, and done. 


Jacqui said...

I totally love you for how simple these cupcakes are. Realised I should bake something for my friends birthday party tonight and he loves Thomas but every recipe online is impossibly complicated. I believe you have saved me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting! Out of curiosity, what did you do with the leftover cookie parts?