Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Sebastian!

Friday, Seb came home from school with a fever (yes, before cupcakes).  102.  We decided to wait to make the call about whether or not to have his party (scheduled for Sunday afternoon).  Although it was down in the morning, his fever at 5pm Saturday was 103.  Ok, that's definitive.  What a bummer!

We made the best of it.  Downgraded to a Family Party.  And what a party!  Kind of.  I had a big "dog party!" a la Go Dog Go planned.  It was still a dog party.  I think it entirely escaped Sebastian.  He just saw balloons, cake, candles, presents...

Oh yes, did I mention cake?
It was kind of awesome, if I do say so myself.

Of course, Sebastian and Cyrus only had eyes for the racecars w the doggy  drivers. 

I, with the invaluable assistance of Sue the Sous-Chef, also made go-dog-go themed snacks:  dog shaped peanut butter sandwiches, a whole racetrack full of "car" shaped snacks (cheese/tomato roadsters, salami/mozzarella roadsters, carrot/string bean roadsters, apple/grape roadsters, and best of all, pizza with sausage dog roadsters).  And stoplight crackers (w/peppers and hummos). 

My goal was that Seb not even realize his party had been cancelled, and I think I succeeded:  he had an awesome day, especially since neighborhood friends still braved the germs and dropped by and brought him gifts.
Family, friends, balloons, presents, cake?  Seb has no idea his party was meant to be anything different.  Perfect. 


Anonymous said...

Pure Genius! I am without words. You are so crative. Love you guys!!!!

Auntie Em

Lisa said...

I love your party theme! Where did you get the dog car toys?

mark lawrence said...

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