Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Our little Thomas was pretty adamant all day long that he did not want to go trick or treating.  He did not want to dress up as Thomas (or anything else).  He did not want to trick or treat, even if that meant candy.  He did not even want to sing the "trick or treat song" (smell my feet...) which he has been belting all week long.  No sirree.  He wanted no part of it. 

Until he found out Charlotte and Dylan were going trick or treating.  Then, all of a sudden, the tune changed.

We sat on the stoop and lured in the trick or treaters, although Seb insisted that only those wearing costumes could get candy.  Which, as he got more and more excited, meant that he yelled out at everyone in civilian attire "You don't get any candy!" as they walked past. Including to his own father.


The band assembled (Dorothy, Zombie Princess, her little caterpillar baby brother, and assorted witch and zombie and pink-wigged-parents), we went up a couple of nearby blocks.  I'm not sure what surprised me more -- that so many houses did not have any candy to give out (including some decorated to the hilt), or that so many houses did.  In any case, the kids had to work for it, but at the end they got a good little haul.

Afterwards, back to Charlotte's house for The Great Pumpkin and pizza, and of course, candy. 

When I'm not as exhausted, I'll share a funny story about how, despite my vows how I wasn't going to do that,  I spent hours yet again constructing a halloween costume which Seb refused to wear.  I'll never learn.  Never the mind.  It's now a toy, not a costume. 

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