Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seb's first bike!

It's a 16" blue Specialized with coaster brakes and training wheels (yes, Daddy, training wheels -- despite what he may announce to people, he's just three!), and he knew it was The One when he first saw it. Happy kid.
This was in the bike shop -- and will be the only time he doesn't have a helmet on while on that bike, don't worry.  We even walked it home -- and that was a LONG way to walk a small bike, believe me.
Here he is testing it out in the little park down the block: 

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Auntie Maria said...

Woohoo! I have a secret hint I learned after one of my kids was 9 before he could ride a bike. if you get him a three wheel scooter and let him ride it until he is great, then get him a two wheeler Razor Once he is a pro, take the training wheels off the bike and voila! Aspen was just four when he was whipping around like a wild man. Neither of them have ever fallen off their bikes.